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"There will be struggle. There will be sacrifice. There will be tears, there will be the occasional fistfight. And in the end, there will be transformation."

-- Geoffrey Tennant, Slings & Arrows

Hi! Feel free to friend (and defriend) at will--I always welcome new friends, and I won't mind in the slightest if you decide my ramblings are no longer of interest to you. What you'll find here is pretty much your typical fannish smorgasbord: fic, episode reactions, recs, random observations, attempts at meta, periodic frequent capslock abuse, and the occasional detour into real life (particularly as concerns the Seattle Mariners and/or baseball in general). I also talk about Hugh Dillon. Kind of a lot. I think it may be incurable?

If you are here for my fic, BtVS and Alias are at my (sporadically updated) website, and everything else (BSG, Firefly, SPN, due South and C6D, etc.) is archived here, in my memories and under my "fic" tag. Some of my fic includes slash and/or "adult" themes; pairings and ratings are stated for each story, so read at your own risk and use the back button as necessary. I also have a slowly growing list of recs and resources in various fandoms at my page. Thanks for stopping by!

My beautiful banner is by [info]sdwolfpup (along with about half my icons). Look, but don't touch, please. :)

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